By making a purchase of our eBay Done for You Program Services. You agree to the following. 


Our scope of service agreement outlines the services we will offer under our eBay Done for You program as listed on our website. 


1) Successful creation of eBay Store.

2) Finding and adding winning products to your store. 

3) Managing and optimizing listings on your store. 

4) Managing sales in your store includes order fulfillment, handling returns, and refunds. 

5) Ensuring best practices to make your ebay store profitable.


Our Warranty:

Our warranty outlines the security process for our clients. 

We will ensure to provide you services as outlined in our “Scope of Services”. In case of non-provisioning of the listed services, you have the right to send us an email at Support@dropinvesting.com outlining your concerns. If your concerns are not rectified within a reasonable time frame. You are eligible for a 100% refund. 

Third Party Materials Products/ Services:

Third-Party Materials:

The above-mentioned project may incorporate third-party materials, which include but are not limited to the following:

Third-Party Software: Ebay Store may utilize third-party software, plugins, or applications. The licensing terms for these components are subject to the agreements and licenses provided by the respective third-party providers. The Client agrees to comply with and be bound by the terms of these licenses.


Store Development Process: If development includes integration with third-party services, the Service Provider will ensure that such integration is done in accordance with the third-party service provider’s requirements.

The service provider ensures the usage of the best third-party materials, products, or services but doesn’t provide any guarantees associated with the usage of third-party products, materials, or services. 

Termination of ebay Account:

Dropinvesting ensures compliance with all policies and requirements associated with making an eBay store for clients. However, Dropinvesting doesn’t provide any guarantees/ refunds if your eBay account is terminated by eBay. Dropinvesting doesn’t provide any warranty claims associated with third parties. 

It may sound frustrating to you but our hands are tied when it comes to third parties.  However, Dropinvesting has a complete client-centric approach. Being highly experienced and aiders in our client’s business growth, we have developed some way around to get your account re-instated on eBay. We are sure to put in our utmost efforts and work with you to make it a success. 

In case, eBay doesn’t reinstate your account after termination. Dropinvesting holds no responsibility or liable to refund you. 

Refund Policy:

In case, Dropinvesting violates the scope of the service agreement as described above. You are eligible for a 100% refund under our service warranty as described above in this agreement. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS ON CHANGE OF MIND.

Fraudulent Forced Refunds / Contacting Credit Card Company / Chargebacks:

1.1 Unauthorized Chargebacks: The Service Provider takes chargebacks seriously and will investigate any claim made by a Client. If the Client initiates a chargeback without attempting to resolve the issue through our customer support, the Service Provider reserves the right to challenge the chargeback and provide evidence of services rendered.

1.2 Unjustified Chargebacks: Clients are prohibited from initiating chargebacks for services that have been provided as agreed upon in the above-mentioned project agreement. In the event of an unjustified chargeback, the Client shall be responsible for covering all associated costs, including chargeback fees, legal fees, and any other costs incurred by the Service Provider.

1.3 Legal Action: In cases of unjustified chargebacks or fraudulent claims, the Service Provider may pursue legal action to recover the full amount of the chargeback, as well as any additional damages or costs such as legal fees but not limited to Service fees, Legal fees and Damages.

Fraudulent Activity:

2.1 Identity Verification: The Service Provider reserves the right to verify the identity of the Client and to request additional documentation as necessary to prevent fraudulent activity. Failure to comply with these requests may result in the termination of services.

2.2 Fraudulent Orders: The Service Provider will investigate any potential fraudulent activity related to orders or payments. If fraudulent activity is suspected, the Service Provider may suspend services, initiate a refund, or take other appropriate actions.

2.3 Legal Action: In cases of fraud, the Service Provider may pursue legal action to recover losses and damages, and report the fraudulent activity to the relevant authorities.


By making a purchase of the eBay Done For You Program. You agree that you have fully read and agreed to our Service agreement.