With Youtube Automation

Discover how to earn an extra income and earn $50K+/month. You can’t do all of this by yourself. Our explainer video explains this in more depth.

How can we help you make
Passive Income through Youtube!

We create video content from start to finish – including high quality informative or exotic videos, then we, upload them on youtube on your behalf.

1. Niche Selection

We have a list of about 950+ well tested niches for your youtube channel, that can generate passive income for you. We allow you to select niche for you channel.

2. Content Writing

We have a team of 30+ brilliant content writers mostly award winner writers. they write the content for the video in the niche that you have already selected. For example: If travel is the nicheyou have selected, then they will write the content in accordance with niche selected by you and choose the topics accordingly. such as "Top 10 places one should visit before his 30's"

3. Video Editing

Content is then transffered to our highly professional Video Editing Dept. It is the place where real magic happens. Our Video Editing team analyze the content and produce videos around it. They do this by using copyright free or licensed stock footages & Graphics.

4. Thumbnail Department

Video is then transferred to the Graphics Dept. Thumbnail plays a vital role in the success of video, So we make sure to give our best in here.

5.Uploading Videos

With our more than 4+ years of professional experience. We know the right way of uploading the video. We do the Seo right way. It helps in getting more views through organic search on youtube.

6. Earn Passive Income

Thats it. Your video is now on youtube. Now video will get million of views. It's time now to earn on the videos as youtube will post ad on your videos and pays to the creator. Just relax and enjoy the passive income coming in, as your channel grows overtime. If you want the same for yourself then book a FREE CONSULTANCY CALL with us.

Success Stories

We don’t only have screenshots from dashboards but we have stories that helped them succeed with YOUTUBE MILLS.

$4,511 In just 23 days!

Chris started his first ever channel with us in may. He was able to generate $4,511 in just 23 days. This is the money he generated in just ad revenue from youtube. We didn’t tapped other ways just yet. There are a lot more ways to earn from youtube other than ad revenue. If you want the same for yourself then book a FREE CONSULTANCY CALL with us.

$5,536 In just 26 days!

As you can see, Chris started his journey in May. In 23 days he was able to make $4511 and just in next 3 days, On 26th He was able to add another $1000. This is how fast Youtube Mills helps in Income Growth! On your channel you can also earn through doing Brand endorsements. You can also launch your own merchandise. Youtube Mills helps you to accomplish this. If you want the same for yourself then book a FREE CONSULTANCY CALL with us.

$35,503 In just 3 months!

Jordan is making more than $35,503 in just 3 months by doing 0 work and without sacrificing his hours into this business as YOUTUBE MILLS handles all on Jordan’s behalf. Other than ad revenue from youtube, Jordan has his own brand & we also help him to do Brand endorsements on his channel. Prospects and growth are unlimited when you work with professionals like us Youtube Mills. If you want the same for yourself then book a FREE CONSULTANCY CALL with us.



Benefits Of Working with

No Investment Of Your Time:

DROPINVESTING helps you manage your automation business. We handle each and everything in your business professionally. You will have to do absolutely no work and still you will be able to make passive income.

Complete Business setup in 15-20 Days!

We start working on your project immediately. Within 15-20 days of your order placement. We will create a perfect channel for you and start the content production.

Generate Income with Ad Revenue:

You can immediately start earning from the ad revenue generated on your videos. For example you get 100,000 views on one of your video. You will make around $400-500 on that single video.

We are partners with youtube and several advertisements companies. So we know the best when it comes to youtube.

Earn By Launching Of Your Own Brand:

DROPINVESTING will also help you in launching your own brand. So with this business model you can also make good earning by launching your own brand. You can advertise to millions of viewers and get huge revenue by selling your products. You will get more sales than an average business because people will have trust when buying from your very own brand.

Launch Your loyalty Merch:

DROPINVESTING offers to help in setting up your own merch. Most of the subscribers who will love your content will buy your merch and will be proud to show your channel on their clothing. It is a great way to make another source of earning as well as attracting more subscribers to your channel. It is a source of moving humans advertisers.

Paid Promotions For Other Brands/ Businesses:

DROPINVESTING have huge list of businesses and Brands, who love to promote their Brands and Businesses on youtube through brand endorsements on videos. They pay around $500-$5000 for each paid promotion on one video.

Our Portfolio:

These are some of the videos, We have created for our customer Youtube channels.

Loved our portfolio? Wanna have a business where you can make passive income without doing any work in a day? If Yes then.

What Clients Say

We have attached the screenshots of testimonials from our valuable clients. 


What is Your Refund Policy?

We Keep the things very simple! If your store fails to generate ROI in 6 months. We will buy it back.

What is Your Success Rate?

Our team includes seven figure earners expert in their own domains. This help our company to achieve a success rate of 100% in Youtube Done For You services.

Will I be having complete ownership rights?

We will only act as a service provider. Your channel will be completely owned by you.

How will I get the revenue from youtube?

We will help you in attaching a bank account with your youtube channel. Youtube will send your profits directly into your account.

If you want the Passive Income without doing any work at all then BOOK A FREE CONSULTANCY CALL with us.